VibraTrim Superfuel

VibraTrim Superfuel is physician-designed to be used in conjunction with Whole Body Vibration (WBV) vibration training. VibraTrim Superfuel is a premium meal replacement formula that combines over 100 powerful herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, electrolytes, proteins and co-factors. It is designed to optimize cellular metabolism, fat burning, support cardiovascular health, digestion, the immune system, liver function and detoxification, and neutralize harmful free radicals. Vibration exercise increases the body’s need for nutrients because of the dramatic increase in metabolism seen with a WBV workout. As one’s metabolism increases, every cell needs more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to fuel an increase in all its various functions. Vibrant Health recommends consuming VibraTrim Superfuel regularly when using WBV. Not only are unwanted detoxification and nutrient deficiency situations alleviated, but potentially deeper restorative effects could result.

Superfuel contains undenatured whey protein from skim milk. Undenatured whey can help the body regenerate L-glutathione, a critical molecule for healthy internal anti-oxidant production. Undenatured whey is processed at low temperatures to maintain the protein’s molecular integrity and reduce pH changes. Whey pasteurized at higher temperatures (denatured whey) can be more difficult to digest because the proteins have been damaged by the pasteurization process. Warning: If you have a milk allergy be sure to consult with your personal physician before consuming this product.

VibraTrim Superfuel is formulated for everyday use as an ultra-complete, super-nutrient, low calorie, meal replacement formula. It provides excellent protein value, carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and herbs, soluble and insoluble fiber, and is sweetened with only a small amount of naturally occurring sugars. Vibrant Health recommends this product as the most effective, advanced, complete, and perfectly balanced whole foods nutritional product ever designed.

Note from Becky: I am thrilled to introduce this outstanding product to my customers. This product alone, with its over 100 carefully balanced and sourced whole food ingredients, can replace (and in my experience often yield better results) than an entire shelf of products.

I relied on this product for ten years to provide the superior nutrition I needed to heal from my many health issues, including numerous joint, digestive, immune and nervous system problems (see also my books, Whole Body Vibration, and Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration for more about my story).

For a long time I could not get large enough supply to put it on my website, but that has finally changed! VibraTrim Superfuel is now available for everybody. I offer it with my highest recommendation. Many health issues may improve with just this product alone; used in conjunction with whole body vibration the results are even better.

Suggested Use: Take one scoop in 8-12 oz. of purified water or juice (Becky prefers 2/3 water and 1/3 unsweetened cranberry juice which results in a delicious, sweet tart, berry flavored drink), one to two times daily, immediately after a Whole Body Vibration workout (or when it is convenient – just be sure to take it!) This product is also recommended for people who cannot use WBV.

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