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Weight Loss

Increase Bone Density

Build Muscle Strength

Tighten Skin Tone

Improve Posture

Boosts Mood & Energy Levels

Great for Physcial Therapy/Rehab



Lymphatic Drainage

Massage and more!
Understand the delicate Learn More Brain & Body Connection

Whole Body Vibration designed by Becky Chambers, the leading health expert in the field, to give you optimal healing for body, mind, and spirit.

Our machines are designed to strengthen muscles, joints, bones, and rejuvenate and stimulate your entire body, while also calming your mind and lowering inflammation.


Join Becky Chambers at the

Consciously Directing Your Energy Summit


May 6-16, 2024

Dear freinds, please join me with host Jane Smith in this wonderful series of interviews exploring all sorts of energy healing methods.
I will be speaking on Wednesday May 8, but before that there are two other exciting talks, and many more after me too!


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Recently I had another person report a stunning improvement in bone density.
DEXA scans showed an 18% increase in her spinal bone density in one year,
using only Whole Body Vibration and nutritional supplements. At the age of 67 years!  


 Click here  for Lisa's story.


Bone density is one of many benefits from WBV - join me at this energy summit to find out more.
I'm excited to hear the first speaker, Dr Jeffrey Gurian, a comedian and healer. He will be talking about using humor in our
journey to health and happiness, and if there is one thing I've learned in life,
its that I can't survive without humor! I'm going to be sure to catch this talk 😉.


But all of the speakers in this series have found their way to greater health and happiness using energy methods.
Please join me in what is sure to be a
heartwarming and enlightening, joyful journey of discovery 😊.


Consciously Directing Your Energy Summit

Host Jane Smith


Whole Body Vibration for Weight Loss plus Many Other Benefits

Looking to shed some pounds while increasing bone density, lowering inflammation and pain, and strengthening body and mind? Whole body vibration can help you achieve your goals and Becky Chambers' new book Whole Body Vibration:The Future of Good Health, 2nd edition, will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need. Providing carefully designed vibration machines, and the expertise to use them, WBV expert Becky Chambers has twenty years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to lead you to success.


Boost Your Immunity

With the Coronavirus at our door, now more than ever, it is critical to take excellent care of yourself! Whole body vibration invigorates your body and mind, strengthening every part of you, including your immune system and mood! Read Becky’s latest blog post about how WBV can stimulate your immune system and strengthen your health in times of trouble.

Providing the highest quality Whole Body Vibration

Becky Chambers, owner of Vibrant Health and the developer of Vibrant Health vibration machines, is a world expert in whole body vibration, especially using it for total health, not just as an exercise machine. Becky has 20 years of experience using whole body vibration with herself and others, and wrote the best-selling book for the last 6 years on whole body vibration, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health. Her results and books are your assurance that her machines will provide you with what you need.

Be careful of cheap vibration machines.
All vibration machines are not the same.

Vibrant Health Survey

Vibrant Health's vibration machines have been carefully designed to provide the  highest quality vibration. They deliver just the right type and amount; a smooth and synchronized vibration like the purring of a cat. Other types of vibration can be jarring, unsynchronized, chaotic, or too strong, delivering a garbled message to your brain and body. Vibrant Health's machines have been carefully developed and designed by Becky to help you achieve your highest potential.


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The Best Whole Body Vibration for Mind and Body

How does whole body vibration really work? Why are anecdotal reports so dramatic? I believe it is because WBV affects us on all levels at the same time: physical, mental, and the spiritual/energetic level. Scientific evidence is lagging on this idea, but the research has not yet been done.... Only recently has research looked at mindfulness and meditation, two mental/spiritual practices which have been practiced for thousands of years... and today these mind/mental energy practices have been proven scientifically to have many benefits for both the mind and body. (See also Becky's latest blog post, "How Does Whole Body Vibration Really Work?")

You don't need to wait to experience the miracle of WBV! Try it for yourself! Take advantage of Becky's knowledge and experience to create the best experience of WBV and decide for yourself - see how you feel - let that be the evidence.


The Body Brain Connection

On the mental level WBV is stimulating every neuron in your body to shoot signals into your brain 20-50 times per second - lighting up your brain with a burst of your own natural electrical energy. Many people who use WBV will tell you that almost immediately their mood and energy improves, they feel energized, tingling, more awake and alive. Research has shown that exercise is the most powerful way to help your brain develop and stay healthy... and WBV is known to be exercise on steroids... so what might WBV be doing for your brain?


Having been using WBV therapy for about five years now at my chiro’s office, I know a little about what it can do for people. Recently I was excited to see that Becky was offering the Power 1000 for sale, and I ordered one. Having used it for almost two weeks now, I can say that it is every bit as effective in performance as the Turbo Sonic I have been using for five years. The Turbo Sonic is handsome, and the control console is incorporated into the tower at the top, but $15,000 verses $899!!! Vibrant Health’s Power 1000 machine is the deal of the century as far as I’m concerned, and it helps me with the various health issues I used to have. Thank-you Becky!

— Fred Shaw – November 29, 2019

After each WBV session I am amazed at the energy I got, energy I haven't had for years. And I found that I could focus on tasks that I had been struggling with. After the first session my energy lasted for a day or two. The morning after the second session I jumped out of bed for the first time in about 20 years, plus my mind was clear and focused. By the fifth session my energy lasted for an entire week. I'm so glad I took Becky's class - I love the way I feel.

— Peg MacNeil

After just six weeks of vibration I am feeling much healthier with greater clarity of mind, a new burst of energy, and better posture. And I am losing weight! I am grateful to have discovered this wonderful Whole Body Vibration system which is helping me is so many ways.

—Teresa Wright

I feel so relaxed after just a few minutes of vibration it feels like I've just had acupuncture, or just gotten out of a hot tub and had a shot of bourbon. My WBV class is Thursday evening; the next day I have more energy than usual – my exhausted and tough Fridays now feel more like a Monday or Tuesday. My sister-in-law also tried the class with me one evening and said she slept better that night than she had in years.

—Mary Beth Little

For the last 5 years I was always exhausted. After one month working with Becky I was feeling better. Now, after six months, I’m like the Energizer Bunny, have lost 30 lbs, and am much stronger than I have ever been.

—Doreen Hadge

I am happier and have more energy now than ever before!

—Vibrant Health Client