Whole Body Vibration & Aging

Becky, age 59

Whole body vibration has numerous rejuvenation effects, such as raising human growth hormone and testosterone (Bosco), increasing circulation to all cells, detoxification, muscle and nerve stimulation, and energy balancing. These effects help your body repair its tissues and functions, and the effects can be especially dramatic with sexual libido and performance, skin tone and color, body shape, cellulite and fat deposits, and joint flexibility, pain, and strength.

This photo of Becky was taken at age 59 after a lifetime of health issues. She once weighed 200 pounds, was severely and chronically depressed for 30 years, was allergic to hundreds of foods (diagnosed as a "universal reactor"), had debilitating joint and nerve problems head to toe, and numerous other severe health issues. Adding whole body vibration to her health regime twenty years ago was a turning point. In her words:

"Today, I am happier, healthier, more creative and productive than I’ve ever been - and I have no significant health issues! All I can say is that Whole Body Vibration, especially when combined with nutrition and homeopathy (a form of energy medicine), has an incredible ability to help your body and mind heal."

Bosco C., Jacovelli M., Tsarpela O., Cardinale M., Bonifazi M., Tihanyi J., Viru M., de Lorenzo A. & Viru A. (2000) Hormonal responses to whole-body vibration in men. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 81, 449-454.

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I am a fifty-seven-year-old tradesman. After a life- time of hard physical work, I had come to expect arthritic pain as a normal part of my workday. My ankles, knees, hips, and lower back jabbed at me constantly, and my response had been to tough it out. It was a losing proposition, and it appeared that hip replacement was inevitable.

When a friend offered to let me try her vibration machine, the skeptic in me thought ‘yeah, right.’ That was weeks ago. This morning, I scampered down the stairs like a teenager. The remarkable thing is that I felt relief after the first five-minute session. Now, I simply stand on my WBV machine for five minutes each morning and head off to work with a happy song in my heart. The pain has gone. Imagine that.

— Wayne Young, master electrician

I'm like the Energizer Bunny, my hay fever is gone, my mood is better and more stable, I lost 30 pounds, and am much stronger than I have ever been.

— Doreen Hadge

I was primarily interested in losing weight and increasing bone density. My husband, who was quite skeptical commented, “So, you think you are going to lose weight and increase bone density just by standing on that machine?!” After three weeks, I said to Becky, “I think those hormonal affects you were talking about might be kicking in. . . . Now my husband says, ‘Buy one.’

—Anonymous testimonial from a 60 year old woman after using whole body vibration with Becky twice a week for three weeks