Emotional Healing for Your Pet

Energy Medicine & Whole Body Vibration for Behavioral Issues and Physical Health 

Is your beloved animal suffering - and driving you crazy too? Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, or monkey - energy medicine can help them heal and be the happy, healthy, and loving, well-behaved animal they were meant to be.

Problems as diverse as separation anxiety, phobias, eliminating in the house, barking, aggression, leash pulling, digging holes, eating undigestible things, and many others are can be helped with energy healing methods.

We will discover the root cause of your pet's behavioral issues using intuition and a psychic connection to understand early trauma and issues related to the current situation.

Then, using the powerful energy healing methods of homeopathy and whole body vibration, we will release the fears driving their bad behavior and stress.

Panda Bear's Story

After losing his home and family twice at a young age, Panda Bear came to me with many behavioral and physical problems. Using energy healing methods, we released his deep fears and phobias, and his behavior issues resolved. He is now the happiest of dogs, full of joy, well-mannered, and free of all his stress-related physical problems.

Becky provides the knowledge and help you need for success healing your pet's emotional issues, which will lead to improved behavior and lower stress which can aleviate physcial health issues also.

Healing Methods:

  • Intuition and a pyschic connection - connecting with your animal companion on an energetic level will help us understand the roots of your pet's emotional, behavioral, and physcial health issues.
  • Energy medicine using Homeopathy - homeopathy is a hidden jewel of energy medicine.  With a 200 year long history of successful use in the USA, Europe, and many other places, homeopathy is a missing key to our emotional and physical health and well-being. Originally developed for people, homeopathy has long been used with animals also.
  • Resonating energy waves - Homeopathy releases negative energy that has become stuck as a results of physical, emotional, or psychological truama in an animal's or person's life.  A homeopathic remedy with a resonating energy wave will briefly amplify the existing negative energy wave, causing that wave to crest and break releasing the negaitve energy and associated behaviors and physical issues. This process is similar to a wave rising and then cresting and breaking as it approaches the shoreline. More information about homeopathy is available here: Homeopathic energy medicine.
  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a powerful exercise and therapeutic system. Standing or sitting on a vibrating plate,  stimulates the entire body with a vibration that lowers inflammation and pain while strengthening and massaging sore muscles. Used for many years with race horses and elite human athletes, people and animals with health issues all over the world are now also using this booming whole body vibration (WBV) with great results. Becky Chambers is one of the premier experts in the field of WBV with 25 years experience using WBV for a wide range of health issues. She is also the author of 5 books on the subject, including the best-selling book in the USA on the subject since it was first published 10 years ago, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health.
  • Counseing sessioins - Individual sessions and/or Packages of sessions are available. During these sessions we will explore the emotional trauma and behavioral and physcial issues that are troubling your animal companion and using this information Becky will recommend a homeopathic remedy specific to your pet and their issues.  Sessions can be done via zoom or the phone, or in person at my office in Lexington, MA. Sessions are 30-60 minutes as needed.
  • You can reach Becky at Becky@AnimalHealingBeckyChambers.com, or at 781-879-9857.

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Animal Healing Sessions

Panda and me. Glouster for postcard

My Therapy Dog was Healed

Justyce is a three year old Shichon (half Shih Tzu and half Bichon Frise) and has been trained as a certified therapy dog to provide emotional support and comfort to others. It is vital for Justyce to be calm and attentive for the success of his work as a therapy dog. At times, however, he has become distressed and anxious himself exhibiting restlessness, obedience issues, and compulsive behaviors such as excessive paw licking.

Working with Becky and doing homeopathic treatments has released emotional stressors and grief that he may have picked up in his work as a therapy dog. This has helped Justyce to return to his natural well mannered, calm, and sweet personality--a dog that loves being with others and making them feel better.
-Justyce and Renée

Renée Tate, LCPC, ATR, REAT
Founder of  heARTful remedies, LLC
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Registered Art Therapist
Registered Expressive Arts Therapist