Whole Body Vibration—Wellness with the Vibration Machine

Natural Health Practitioner Becky Chambers uses Whole Body Vibration for a wide range of health problems because of its many health enhancing effects which help the body, mind and spirit to heal and reach their full potential. Working successfully with many problems, from allergies and depression, to digestive problems, neurological issues and chronic fatigue, Ms. Chambers finds Whole Body Vibration to be a powerful addition to the many alternative approaches she uses.

WBV has many powerful systemic effects that help your body to heal:

  • Increased blood flow combined with mechanical cell vibration leads to improved distribution and bio-availability of vitamins, nutrients, herbs, minerals, oxygen, and homeopathics.
  • Vibration causes the muscles, lymph, and cells in the body to contract and relax in a rhythmical fashion powerfully increasing natural detoxification systems, flushing toxins out of the cells and body.
  • Human Growth Hormone increase: a major repair, rejuvenation, and anti-aging hormone.
  • Testosterone levels increase: an energizing, rejuvenating and sexual energy hormone.
  • Cortisol decreases: the major stress hormone.
  • Chi, your vibrational energy which guides and powers your body mind and spirit, is stimulated, unblocking energy meridians and chakras.

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“I’ve been using Whole Body Vibration and working with Becky for 7 years. My allergies and sleep are better, and I have lots of energy, as long as I vibrate regularly.

I have also seen homeopathy to be mind-blowingly effective. I had severe nerve pain in my left leg at one point. For over one month before consulting with Becky I was taking Vicoden daily (also known as Oxycontin) and I was still in so much pain I couldn’t walk or sleep. Within one day of taking the homeopathic remedy Becky recommended for me the pain was subsiding. Within one week it was completely gone. Other homeopathics have helped me to let go of years of emotional agony, profoundly changing the way I interact with people and the world around me.”

Lisa Neale