Whole Body Vibration—Weight Loss

piechart_v2Using the vibration machine for 10 minutes is the equivalent of 30-60 minutes of conventional weight lifting (depending on which vibration machine is used). Just like other exercise, a WBV workout increases your metabolism leading to burning more calories. Especially when used along with other aerobic exercise (WBV is not aerobic exeercise) this can result in losing pounds, inches, fat, and cellulite.

At Vibrant Health you  can also receive nutritional counseling and have the opportunity to learn how to optimize you body’s ability to burn calories and metabolize nutrients efficiently. Most of Vibrant Health’s clients who want to lose weight are successful using a combination of working out on the vibration machine, diet modifications, other forms of exercise, and nutritional supplements.


Recent WBV Research Results:

  • Research conducted at Sanaderm health clinic in Germany on the effects of vibration enhanced exercise training for cellulite reduction and fat loss demonstrated that six months of training a maximum of 11 minutes on the vibration platform reduced cellulite by 25.68 %. In addition when Vibration was combine with aerobic activity for 40 minutes they experienced a 32 % reduction cellulite. (Sanaderm Health Clinic Germany)
  • Another study evaluated the effect of vibration training in comparison to traditional training methods over a period of 6 weeks. Body fat % was reduced by 11.2 % compared to 10.6% in the traditional training group. Body fat reduction was greater in the vibration group and the total exercise time considerably less. (Pneumex and S.Sordorff.PT, Sandpoint Idaho)
  • A study evaluating the effects of vibration training on weight loss: In this study the vibration training group had a net increase of 12 % in their resting metabolic rate after 3 months. Consequently, WBV can allow one to burn more calories compared to non-active individuals. (Slim & Shape Centers Inc., Windsor Canada)

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