Whole Body Vibration Personal Training

Affordable personal training via weekly group zoom classes with Becky Chambers.

The inspiration, discipline, community, and support you need to succeed!

New to Whole Body Vibration?
WBV can help you reach your goals - but you have to use your machine regularly, and you need to use it correctly to achieve the revolutionary benefits it offers.


Already have a vibration machine but haven't been getting the results you wanted?
Join Becky's WBV Personal Training weekly zoom classes to jump start your vibration program. Becky Chambers, WBV expert, will help you figure out what you need to get your WBV program back on track!


Class Schedule & Description:
Every Saturday, 11am ET - 11:40 am ET
First class: Saturday, January 14, 2023
Each class will include:
  • Wake up /warm up on your vibraiton machine
  • Special Topic of the Week Discussion
  • WBV Interval Training Workout
  • Q & A

What you get with your subscription:

  • Learn: how to get started, maximize results, bring new life to your WBV program.
  • Guidance for using WBV for specific health issues: osteoporosis, losing weight, building strength and flexibility, physical therapy, lowering inflammation... many more subjects and issues! 
  • Discipline: Coming to the zoom classes will make it easy for you to use your machine. Weekly WBV workouts guarentees you are on your machine every week. 
  • Community: Working out with other in a fun and supportive environment amplifies the workout effects - good energy is contagious. Plus, you will learn from each other as well as from Becky. 
  • Ask the expert: You will be able to talk with Becky Chambers in person - ask your questions and get expert help figuring out how to achieve your goals.  
  • Affordable Coaching and Personal Training for WBV: Click on subscription buttons above - $20/month, or $190/year (save $50).
  • Recorded Classes: Class members will have access to recorded classes for times when you can't make it to class.
  • Weekly Zoom classes: 11 - 11:40am ET, 40 minute classes every Saturday morning.

See previous classes and videos posted on Becky's YouTube channel: VibrantHealthBecky

Individual classes and counseling also available with Becky

For previous classes and videos, visit the Vibrant Health YouTube Channel.

Becky Chambers Free Zoom Class

"I must tell you that your bright beautiful healthy glowing face is my daily REMINDER to STEP UP on my VIBRANT HEALTH PLATE.

Honestly ... such motivation is a gift from your Heart to Mine."

Xoxo, Donna W., Bend, Oregon, January, 2023


"That was freaking awesome!"

response from a class member


“Becky, I learned a lot from the class and enjoyed it very much. You are SUCH a good teacher! I look forward to more. Thank you!

—happy class member


"In a nutshell - I am excited to wake up every morning! Sleep is a joy. There is bounce in my step, and I can wear a smile out.  Nothing qualifies as a chore - and I have found something in each thing to make it interesting.  (Fortunately, my husband does the laundry, so I haven’t had to be tested on that score).

These benefits link directly to Becky's program - poster, books, VHP 1000 machine and on-line coaching/training sessions - in my view.  They keep me focused and motivated.  I love ‘em!

It has been a pleasure to live without the stress, weight, and shifting profile I had been coping with.  You have put my mind on vacation.

Thank you for the new body, new outlook, and new life!

All the best - see you on Zoom."

Doreen Fullmer, 68 years young

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Having been using WBV therapy for about five years now at my chiro’s office, I know a little about what it can do for people. Recently I was excited to see that Becky was offering the Power 1000 for sale, and I ordered one. Having used it for almost two weeks now, I can say that it is every bit as effective in performance as the Turbo Sonic I have been using for five years. The Turbo Sonic is handsome, and the control console is incorporated into the tower at the top, but $15,000 verses $899!!! Vibrant Health’s Power 1000 machine is the deal of the century as far as I’m concerned, and it helps me with the various health issues I used to have. Thank-you Becky!

— Fred Shaw – November 29, 2019

After each WBV session I am amazed at the energy I got, energy I haven't had for years. And I found that I could focus on tasks that I had been struggling with. After the first session my energy lasted for a day or two. The morning after the second session I jumped out of bed for the first time in about 20 years, plus my mind was clear and focused. By the fifth session my energy lasted for an entire week. I'm so glad I took Becky's class - I love the way I feel.

— Peg MacNeil

After just six weeks of vibration I am feeling much healthier with greater clarity of mind, a new burst of energy, and better posture. And I am losing weight! I am grateful to have discovered this wonderful Whole Body Vibration system which is helping me is so many ways.

—Teresa Wright

I feel so relaxed after just a few minutes of vibration it feels like I've just had acupuncture, or just gotten out of a hot tub and had a shot of bourbon. My WBV class is Thursday evening; the next day I have more energy than usual – my exhausted and tough Fridays now feel more like a Monday or Tuesday. My sister-in-law also tried the class with me one evening and said she slept better that night than she had in years.

—Mary Beth Little

For the last 5 years I was always exhausted. After one month working with Becky I was feeling better. Now, after six months, I’m like the Energizer Bunny, have lost 30 lbs, and am much stronger than I have ever been.

—Doreen Hadge

I am happier and have more energy now than ever before!

—Vibrant Health Client