Whole Body Vibration – Comparison of Different Manufacturers & Machines

There are many different vibration machines available as this technology is exploding in popularity. Buyer Beware! There are many different factors to consider when looking for the right machine and experience for you, such as the direction of movement, the number of motors and coherence or sychronization of the message being sent into your nervous system, the power (amplitude & gravitational force), frequency, durability, and cost. To determine the best machine for you contact Becky at becky@bcvibranthealth.com, or 877-4BC-VIBE (422-8423), or check out the machine comparison guide below. All vibration machines sold on this website have been developed based on wellness and holistic health principles including an understanding of detoxification, cutting edge brain science, electromagnetic (chi) energy, and nutrition, as well as biomechanics, physical, and neurological interactions. Most manufactures (including Power Plate, Vibrogym, Vibroflex, V-Max, DKN, HyperVibe, Noblerex, VibraPro, LifePro, Bluefin, and others) approach Whole Body Vibration primarily from the perspective of physical exercise. They do not understand the powerful effects of Whole Body Vibration on your entire body and hence their machines are not optimized and designed to deal with the full range of effects.

Becky Chambers, owner of Vibrant Health and the developer of Vibrant Health vibration machines, is a world expert in Whole Body Vibration, especially using it for total health, not just as an exercise machine. Becky has 20 years of experience using whole body vibration with herself and others, and wrote the best-selling book for the last 6 years on whole body vibration, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health. Her results and books are your assurance that her machines will provide you with what you need. Her new book, Whole Body Vibration for Seniors, explores the latest research and shows you how to successfully apply WBV to those who need it the most.

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Machine Comparison Guide Summary – below is a list of many different machines now available on the market separated into three different major types of machines. To more info about a particular machine, or type of machine, follow the link for that type of machine.

1. SINGLE MOTOR, VERTICAL or LINEAR VIBRATION: best type of vibration for most people
Vibrant Health Power 1000 
Vibrant Health Gentle 500 
Vibe Plates – 
Marodyne: Marodyne LIVmd 
TheraVibe 2. DOUBLE MOTOR & DOUBLE MOTION VIBRATION MACHINES: Also called Dual-motor and Dual-motion – NOT Recommended
Vmax 3. OSCILLATION VIBRATION MACHINES: A popular type of machine (see the long list below of companies making and selling these machines). Can deliver a high amplitude and g-force for a low price-but this does not mean it is the best type of vibration for you.
Body Trim Fitness
Confidence Fitness
Mediplate Merax
Noblerex K1
Rock Solid
Vmax (models Vmax i25 and Vmax Elite 300)