Whole Body Vibration—Corporate Applications

beginner-position-blueCorporate fitness and wellness is gaining ground for the numerous benefits to employee performance such as, reduced sick days and more productive work enviornments. Professional level vibration machines are ideal for corporate fitness centers. In 10-20 minutes the employee can train all of his or her muscle groups, invigorate mental focus and alertness, while balancing posture and reducing ergonomic related injury.

Just standing on one of our units can yield a host of benefits including improved fexibility, reduced pain, increased blood circulation and renewed oxygen tissue levels.

The no sweat – no stain workout takes about 15 minutes per session and allows for lunch or coffee break workouts without the worry of needing a shower or a change of clothing.

Mood balancing hormones are immediately released like serotonin which counters mental fatigue while harmonizing emotional stress common in an enclosed work enviornment.

Considering its compact design and “ bang for the buck” cost, the vibration machine is the perfect corporate fitness equipment. Every employer should offer this form of training and therapy if they want to see their bottom line, employee job satisfaction, increase!

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