Whole Body Vibration—Research

There have been over two thousand scientific research studies on the effects of whole body vibration (WBV), conducted by researchers around the world. The results suggest that WBV can benefit people in numerous ways over a wide range of health issues. Below is a selection of these studies.

Vibrant Health believes, however, that the best results are achieved with WBV when it is combined with an understanding of natural health principles.  To investigate this approach Vibrant Health has begun its own program of research using careful science and research protocols and drawing on 20 years of WBV experience and 40 years in natural health. Our preliminary study, a survey of Vibrant Health customers using the Vibrant Health Power 1000 machine and advised of our recommended method of use, was completed in June 2019 (see below). The results from this study are promising, yielding better and more consistent results in areas already studied extensively (mobility, strength, pain relief, bone density, and weight loss), and in areas previously receiving little attention (energy level, sleep, and mood). Vibrant Health is planning future studies to  confirm our results using controlled clinical research studies.

DisclaimerVibrant Health does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The studies referenced on this page are provided for general information only.

Vibrant Health WBV Research

Vibrant Health WBV Survey Summary (Updated 2020)


Vibrant Health Power 1000 WBV Survey 2019 (original unpublished article, 2019)

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