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Pain and high inflammation levels have been linked to almost all chronic health problems – so lowering pain and inflammation levels is the goal of many health interventions. This goal can be accomplished directly with medications or natural products, and with therapies such as yoga and meditation which calm and destress your mind and body (Practical Pain Management, 2017).

Whole body vibration, when used properly, can dramatically decrease pain and inflammation, and in the best possible way – by destressing which helps your body and mind to heal itself.

Scientific research on whole body vibration and pain

Research has shown clear evidence that some types of pain, such as chronic lower back pain,  decrease with WBV (1-4). Lower back pain is often due to chronic muscle and connective tissue pain, and the powerful effect of WBV relaxing and strengthening muscles, is thought to help with this type of pain (4). Other WBV studies have shown improvements in pain for muscles (5),  knee pain from osteoarthritis (7-9), and fibromyalgia (6).

Vibrant Health’s Survey Results:

For all respondents who initially reported pain (most of whom were 50-80 years of age) there was an average 31% drop in pain levels.

Seventy two percent of all respondents who had pain experienced relief. For those survey respondents whose pain improved, there was an average decrease in pain of over 50% for many different types and locations of joint pain, muscle pain, lower back pain, and nerve pain.

The reductions seen in pain levels are particularly striking given that after beginning WBV, 22% of respondents either stopped using their pain medications, reduced the amount, or changed to less powerful medications.

Vibrant Health survey respondents reported pain levels dropping extremely quickly; for muscle, joint, back, and nerve pain that improved, many survey respondents reported feeling better almost immediately; within weeks almost everybody was reporting improvements.

Vibration technology opens up new opportunities for people suffering with conditions such as, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle stiffness and tightness, bursitis, and other muscle, bone, and joint and nerve issues.  Vibrant Health recommends for everybody, and especially in the case of older people, that you use the gentler Vibrant Health machines and approach – then you can get excellent results. Our survey results of our customers are much better  than the published research.  We are able to get such excellent results with pain and inflammation by using the right machine and approach.


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Insurance Billing Codes: 

  • 97110    Therapeutic Exercises
  • 97112    Neuromuscular Re-education
  • 97116    Gait Training
  • 97533    Sensory Integrative Techniques

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I have had a severe case of restless leg syndrome for the past 5-6 years. During a 12-week study at an area sleep clinic, my legs moved approx. 490 times per/hour. Although I have tried several medications, all made me tired during my waking hours and were not very effective. Since using your vibrating device, I find that I am sleeping more soundly and have discontinued taking my script for Provigil (a medication for shift workers and airline pilots) which helped me to focus and remain alert during the day. Thank-you for introducing this new technology to Cynthia and me.

— Brian Cichella

I am a 57 year old tradesman. After a lifetime of hard physical work I had come to expect arthritic pain as a normal part of my workday. My ankles, knees, hips, and lower back jabbed at me constantly and my response had been to tough it out. It was a losing proposition and it appeared that hip replacement was inevitable. When a friend offered to let me try her vibrating gym, the skeptic in me thought "yeah, right." That was weeks ago. This morning I scampered down the stairs like a teenager. The remarkable thing is that I felt relief after the first 5 minute session. Now, I simply stand on my vibration machine for 5 minutes each morning and then head off to work with a happy song in my heart. The pain has gone. Imagine that.

— Wayne Young

A lifelong runner, I gave up running at age 60 after developing numbness and pain in both feet. I spent 7 years unable to run at all. I went to many different doctors, including specialists who told me there was nerve damage and I would never get better, and I even tried surgery, all with no improvement. Then 4 years ago I met Becky and started vibrating, increasing eventually to 20 minutes daily. I saw an improvement after the first session and there has been a steady increase in function and feeling ever since. Now 4 years later I have just successfully completed this year’s Boston Marathon, my 27th at the age of 70. Thanks, Becky!

— Richard Hawkins, retired orthopedic surgeon

When I first went started working with Becky, about 3 months ago, I had constant pain in my right hip, my right thigh, and both knees. I frequently walked with a limp, and climbing stairs was excruciatingly painful. In the last three months I have made dramatic improvements. I was able to return to moderate exercising and I have no pain in my hips or thighs. If anyone had told me that I could be so much stronger or that my pain could be reduced so much in such a brief period of time, I never would have believed it.

—Ann MacGibbon

In 2008, according to the medical professionals, I needed both shoulders replaced. I was in a great deal of pain for years and was unable to raise my arms to reach anything above my head due to the pain and joint limitations. I had to modify all my exercise and drop cross-country skiing, mountain climbing and yoga because of the pain and limited use of my shoulders and upper body. Depression from this limiting situation had me crying many days as exercise and wellness had always been a huge part of my life. The pain was intense, 24 hours a day.

I believe the vibration machine, in combination with eating well and an exercise program of rebounding, walking and doing the elliptical 4-5 times a week, has been a huge factor in lessening the 24 hour pain I had in both my shoulders. The shoulders still need replacing, but, because the pain is not bothering me, I can postpone the medical procedure that I do not feel is right for me at this time.

I thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the vibration machine and slowly worked my way into a routine that I feel has increase blood flow and overall circulation to all body parts. The ability to provide a wonderful core and resistance workout for myself thru the Whole Body Vibration machine is a definite plus to my entire well-being, mentally and physically.

—Wendy McLean

I am in my 70’s and a regular tennis player, but I have had a shoulder injury from a bicycle accident years ago that never fully healed, and it has bothered me ever since. After only 2 weeks of vibration twice a week it is getting a lot better. I would say it is 90% improved.

—Robert Williams

I'm 70 years old and I've had increasing pain and stiffness in my legs for the last 7 years. I started using Becky's vibration machine and every time I use it for just a few minutes my mind and body feel rejuvenated, and the pain in my legs goes away. And if I use the vibration after my regular exercise the post exercise pain I usually have goes away. I feel like I am getting my younger body and self back.

—Gene M, age 70