Weight Loss with Whole Body Vibration 

Jump-start your weight loss with the breakthrough new exercise system of Whole Body Vibration (WBV). Used at exclusive health spas and sports clubs around the world, WBV machines provides an hour’s worth of conventional exercise in just 10 minutes, increasing metabolism, muscle strength, and energy, and it feels great too – like a massage! In this class you will have the opportunity to use WBV each week, while also learning about the latest and most effective natural health diets and approaches to combine with your WBV for the best results. Some acute health issues are not compatible with WBV.

If you have migraines, epilepsy, vertigo, acute herniated disks or any other acute health issue please call class instructor Becky at 781-879-9857 to discuss before enrolling.

This class will run once per week for 6 weeks, 1½ hours each class.

Instructor Bio

Becky Chambers is a Natural Health Practitioner in Lexington who has spent the last 30 years discovering effective, powerful and safe new natural health technologies and methods. She has been using Whole Body Vibration herself and with her clients for 20 years, and is a leading expert in Whole Body Vibration in the USA. Her book, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health, has been the best-selling book on WBV since it was published in 2013. Her new book Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration explores the synergy between energy medicine and WBV.

Theresa Wright’s Six Week Whole Body Vibration Class
in 2013


I experienced and immediate response to my first Whole Body Vibration session. In the first class we were each allowed one minute of WBV. [Note Becky: whole body vibration is powerful and like any new exercise system it is wise to introduce it to your body slowly]. Standing on the machine I felt a powerful soothing sensation in my body. Following the first class I also felt more energetic. Within two days I felt more relaxed than before, handled stress better, and my energy level was growing. This improvement was very obvious to me.

Five days after the first session I experienced a day of super high energy, something I haven’t felt for many years. This was the energy level I had most of my life but that had been gone for several years. Great stamina was back and cleaning chores were enjoyable and easy. Spending long hours at the computer at my last job before I retired left me hating to use my home computer. Now suddenly that disappeared and I once again enjoyed using the computer. I couldn’t believe how dramatically I was responding to the WBV.

On February 14th we were allowed two minute of WBV. I became aware of my poor posture after this second class, suddenly realizing how bent over I had become. I began to straighten up and stand taller. This revelation was remarkable. From that day forward I continued to benefit from this new knowledge and I practiced straightening out to my rediscovered height and better posture every time I was standing or walking.

Then there is the weight issue. By combining a healthy diet, natural supplements, exercise, and the Whole Body Vibration I lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks. Having tried to lose weight many times without success, I am sure the Whole Body Vibration helped to make the difference. My scale has blessed me with a number I haven’t seen in years.

In summary, I am feeling much healthier with greater clarity of mind, a new burst of energy, better posture, losing weight, my health feeling under control for the first time in years. I am grateful to have discovered this wonderful Whole Body Vibration technique which has helped me is so many ways.

I want to personally thank the instructor, Becky Chambers, Natural Health Practitioner, for the Whole Body Vibration class and applaud her teaching techniques. One knows they are having a good learning experience when the time passes so unbelievably quickly each and every session. I found Becky to be both warm and personable. She was knowledgeable and an interested listener encouraging interaction as she spoke of her journey and benefits from Whole Body Vibration (WBV).

She presented an outline of forthcoming classes during the first class. We were given handouts each class and she proceeded to following its itinerary. She was very organized but anything but boring. The topics discussed ranged from the health promoting effects of WBV, to nutrition, energy, detoxing, hormonal and metabolic imbalances, and of course, working out on the WBV machine. We also had the opportunity to use the WBV machine each class. When there was time we also practiced meditation at the end of class.

I knew nothing of WBV before taking this class. I had never heard of the technique. A neighbor pal knew a little and was curious. I decided to attend with her. My expectations were zero and my mind is not easily swayed. However, I found that I was experiencing changes; beneficial changes that I knew were directly related to this class and the WBV experience. Becky also talked about some of her other students and their miraculous experiences.

I am convinced of the WBV benefits as I am now a recipient. I would wholeheartedly recommend WBV and Becky’s classes to anyone and everyone. You will definitely enjoy yourself.

—Theresa Wright, Winter Class 2013