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WBV and blood glucose

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Has any research been done in which a subject wearing a continuous glucose monitor has exercised on a WBV plate?

This seems to me to be a very obvious research study which should yield incontrovertible results of the effects of WBV for diabetics/pre-diabetics and folks attempting intermittent fasting/keto programs. 

Posted : 16/06/2022 8:10 pm
Becky Chambers
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Hi, there have been good results in this area but we are still waiting for long term studies with people. Shorter term studies have been encouraging. One study with older diabetic women (ages 60-74) showed lower glucose levels from one session of WBV. Longer term studies with mice have also seen glucose metabolism benefits, but we are still waiting for results from longer studies with diabetic people. Scientific research is a slow process, especially when there are human subjects - requires a lot of patience!

I can tell you though that I just got an email from a happy customer who told me that his A1C levels (a measure of glucose levels in the blood over time) have gone down since he started using the Vibrant Health Power 1000 vibration machine. Here is what he said:

"Do you know if your machine is good for lowering A1C? I went to the doctor and it is the lowest it has ever been…..with no changes on my part except using your machine. I went from 5.3-5.5 to 4.9! I was just curious if you have had other people with similar results? I am using the machine for 10-15 minutes a day."

Becky Chambers


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Posted : 17/06/2022 10:22 am