Whole Body Vibration

Vibrant Health is the first and most experienced provider of Whole Body Vibration in the Northeast. This new therapy has been shown in extensive research to improve health in areas such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, increased bone density, increased circulation, joint therapy for numerous joint problems, improved balance, and an elevated mood.


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“As a Division I track and field athlete during college, I have endured many typical running injuries.  More recently, while training for a 1/2 marathon, I suffered from a terrible bout with Iliotibial Band Syndrome. The vibration machine helped me to overcome this debilitating injury and complete the 1/2 marathon with a personal best (by nearly 10 minutes!). I have also found that my recovery time after long runs has decreased dramatically while using the vibration machine. Additionally, my strength and muscle tone have improved tremendously thanks to the vibration machine. I want to thank Becky for her commitment to and expertise in helping me to improve not only my athletic performance, but my overall health.”

—Hillary D. Repucci

“I am a 57 year old tradesman. After a lifetime of hard physical work I had come to expect arthritic pain as a normal part of my workday. My ankles, knees, hips, and lower back jabbed at me constantly and my response had been to tough it out. It was a losing proposition and it appeared that hip replacement was inevitable. When a friend offered to let me try her vibrating gym, the skeptic in me thought “yeah, right.” That was weeks ago. This morning I scampered down the stairs like a teenager. The remarkable thing is that I felt relief after the first 5 minute session. Now, I simply stand on my vibration machine for 5 minutes each morning and then head off to work with a happy song in my heart. The pain has gone. Imagine that.”

—Wayne Young

hawkins-richard“A lifelong runner, I gave up running at age 60 after developing numbness and pain in both feet. I spent 7 years unable to run at all. I went to many different doctors, including specialists who told me there was nerve damage and I would never get better, and I even tried surgery, all with no improvement. Then 4 years ago I met Becky and started vibrating, increasing eventually to 20 minutes daily. I saw an improvement after the first session and there has been a steady increase in function and feeling ever since. Now 4 years later I have just successfully completed this year’s Boston Marathon, my 27th at the age of 70. Thanks, Becky!”

—Richard Hawkins, retired orthopedic surgeon