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[Sticky] Can WBV reverse osteoporosis?

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Becky Chambers
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There is solid medical research showing improvements to bone density with WBV. The most recent (2018) systematic review and meta-analysis of the subject (Marin, 2018), focused on ten clinical trials. The authors concluded that “WBV is an effective method to improve lumbar spine BMD in postmenopausal and older women and to enhance femoral neck BMD in postmenopausal women younger than 65 years.”

Exactly which machine and how to use it is less clear. They further conclude that to achieve the best results, the vibration frequency should be at least 20 Hz, and the amplitude and g-force should be at least 5 mm and 8 gs, and it needs to be used over a long period of time (more than 108 sessions).

I agree with the frequency and that many sessions are needed - but in my experience lower amplitudes can be just as effective - and better for the total person, providing better results in other areas such as pain reduction and increased energy and strength for older people.

A survey of VH Power 1000 users reported 40% of those with bone density issues improving - either increasing bone density or no longer losing bone density. What's your experience? We would love to hear from you? Is it working for you? Not working? What else do you do to help your bones? How long have you been trying to improve your bone density? Questions? Comments? Help us all learn....

What do  you think? Questions? What's your experience? 

Marín-Cascales E, Alcaraz PE, Ramos-Campo DJ, Martinez-Rodriguez A, Chung LH, Rubio-Arias JÁ. (2018) Whole-body vibration training and bone health in postmenopausal women: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Medicine (Baltimore). 97(34):e11918. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000011918.

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How often per week, how long each session, and do I do this for years to come?

Posted : 18/02/2020 6:54 pm
Becky Chambers
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Hi Motherly, 

First make sure you are using the right type of vibration machine - this makes a big difference - I recommend relatively gentle, single motor, vertical vibration. It must be strong enough to go through your entire body, but smooth, perfectly synchronized, and high frequency vibration. See also the forum about WBV machines.

Once you've got your machine, ideally, build up to 10 minutes of daily vibration. And yes, like exercise, WBV is something you would do for your whole life to keep the benefits going - but if you miss days here and there it is not a problem, and once you've gotten going it is fine to stop for awhile here and there if you are traveling or can not use your machine for some other reason for a while.

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