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Whole Body Vibration Training - always use the proper type of machine and vibration - see posts in this forum about vibration machines

Getting Started

Increasing the frequency intensifies the experience more rapidly than just increasing the length of time you are on the machine. A good way to start is with one minute at the lowest speed, increasing only one minute per day (or less) until you get an idea of how your body responds to vibration. Watch how you are feeling for the next 24 hours, as detox overload signs can show up hours later (see chapter 7). As long as you are feeling the same or better that day and the next morning, you can keep increasing. Gradually build up to ten to twenty minutes staying at the lowest speed setting. Then increase the frequency by one setting, but drop the time back to just a few minutes and slowly work your way up again as before.

There is a huge range of how people respond to vibration. If you find that you are not having any problems and you just feel great, you can increase your time and speed at a faster pace. A healthy young person might be able to do ten minutes on a powerful machine and feel great the first time he or she ever uses one. Other people, especially those with health issues, may need months just to get to ten minutes on a lower power machine.

For improving the general health and well-being for people with chronic health issues, the goal is to gradually increase the time of vibration to at least ten minutes per day at a mid-range frequency. This amount of WBV supply a big dose of the many benefits every day. If you are having problems of any sort, stop vibrating altogether, and see if you get better. If so, try less vibration.


 Goals with recommended machines (see above)

  • Minimum recommended usage (but work up to this slowly): five to ten minutes of vibration at mid-level frequency (30-35hz) each day. Don’t worry if you miss some days, this is not a problem. It is great if you can work up to doing twenty minutes per day
  • Maximum recommended usage: twenty to thirty minutes of vibration per day.


Keep in mind that any vibration can have dramatic positive effects, so start slowly. Increase at your own pace, and enjoy!

Some people with severe health issues and weak constitutions may not be able to tolerate any vibration at all. These people should use other natural health remedies, such as nutritional supplements, acupuncture, and chiropractic to build up their strength before incorporating WBV. The sooner you start a natural health regimen the better! It is always easier to address a health issue before it becomes serious; prevention is easier than repair!

There is a huge range of ability to tolerating vibration. For example, I had a sixty-year-old client with chronic fatigue and depression who experienced a dramatic improvement in energy and mood after his first one-minute session at the lowest frequency on a gentle machine. He bought the machine and was able to increase to ten minutes at the highest frequency (50 Hz) within two months.

At the other end of the spectrum is myself. It took me almost nine years to get to the highest setting on my gentle machine, while also taking an impressive number of nutritional products and using other types of natural health therapies.


The sooner you start a natural health regimen the better!

Posted : 26/02/2020 11:51 am