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Vertical or Linear MotionA relatively gentle and very smooth vibration, similar to that of a cat purring. Standing on this type of plate will send a relaxing, calming message into your body and mind but still give you a great workout. As long as the vibration is produced with only one motor, this will also be a completely synchronized movement and message. This motion is also the most stabilizing for your structural system.With a smaller amplitude of movement but greater speed these machines delivers a high intensity workout and all around experience, with the least stress to the body. 

Vibrant Health Power 1000 - $999

Vibrant Health Gentle 500 - $499

Vibe Plates - 7 models ranging in price from $1,195 - $4,495 

Maximum amplitude: 4 mm
Frequency: 30 Hz (no variability)
Cost: $1,495

VT003F - This company claims that this machine has an max amplitude of 3mm, but I think this machine is a cheap knock off of the VH Power 1000 that does not actually have the power to effectively increase bone density and muscle strength. I have been on this machine and it feels like a much lower amplitude vibration. See Understanding Vibration Machines topic post in this forum for more on how some companies are deceptively claiming higher amplitudes than is true.   

Sonic Vibration Machines: SonicLife: These are not "single motor," per say - but they produce the same type of movement using sound waves.  There are four models of Sonix vibration machines.
Frequency ranges: 4–30 Hz for the least expensive model; 3–70 Hz for the most expensive model
Cost: ranges from $2,995 to $9,995


Oscillation MotionA second major type of vibration machine utilizes oscillation across a fulcrum in the middle of the plate, so that the plate rises and falls on either side like a child's seesaw. The motion for the person who has one foot on each side of the plate is much wilder than the motion achieved on a gentle vertical vibration plate where the whole plate is moving up and down a smaller distance.

This is a popular type of machine and many people do report good results in some areas of health with these machines (see the long list below of companies making and selling these machines), as you can achieve a high amplitude and g-force for a low price—but this does not mean it is the best type of vibration for you. Also known as pivotal, or teeter-totter, the wild motion caused by having a foot on each end of a rapidly moving seesawing plate can be destabilizing for your musculoskeletal system and stressful for your brain.

Many of these companies are actually selling the same machines, marketed under different names (notice how similar some look in pictures online). These machines usually have greater amplitudes (up to 10 mm or even higher) but because the motion will be so wild the machines run at a much lower speed, usually 1-20 times per second, and maximum g-forces can go up to 8 g.

Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to three thousand dollars.


Body Trim Fitness
Confidence Fitness
LifePro (models Waver, Hovert, Turbo, Rhythm)


Noblerex K1
Rock Solid
Vmax (models Vmax i25 and Vmax Elite 300)


Double (or dual)-motor motion is called by numerous different names, often reflecting complicated systems of motion and/or the very forceful nature of this type of machine: triplaner, spiral, circular, three-dimensional, horizontal, triangular, tri-phasic, multidimensional, omniflex, and piston.

Double (or dual)-motion machines will also include oscillation motion. Dual motion machines have two motors and two motions, often with the option of operating both—at the same time. Don’t do that! As long as only one motor is operating at a time, this is a viable option, though more expensive and not necessary. Oscillation vibration is not more effective in the long run for total health, and it is not as coherent and smooth a signal for the nervous system as single-motor vertical vibration.

Some of the machines listed here are only double motor and not double motion, but I have lumped them all together as they all produce jarring, chaotic, unsynchronized vibrations which for best overall results I most strongly recommend you do not use.

Generally, for the double-motor type of motion, amplitudes range from 3–6 mm, frequencies ranges are 20–50 Hz, and maximum g-forces are 6–15 g. Oscillation motion modes have amplitudes of 1–12 mm, frequencies of 1–20 Hz, and maximum g-forces up to 8 g.

PowerPlate: There are eleven triplaner models. Cost: ranges from $1,495 to $12,995

DKN: They have four triplaner models. Cost: ranges from $2,499 to $4,699

Vmax: There are numerous different models (including Vmax, Pulser, Trio, ProDuo, Elite, Q2, Q5), most of which can run with both types of motion. Cost: ranges from $1,248 to $4,699

IVibration: There is one model with multiple types of vibration produced concurrently. Cost: $1,695

Tectonic: They have three models, two of which are double motion, and one is oscillation motion only. Cost: ranges from $1,795 to $2,899

TriFlex: This is similar to some Vmax models, running with both types of motion, but is less expensive.

Lifepro: Rumblex - this model has different motions including oscillation and vertical. The vertical motion is listed as 1.5mm and as such it is not powerful enough to be effective for bone density (according to research studies) but the machine is a dual motor machine and thus is listed here.  

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