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Forum Guidelines: This forum is designed to create a supportive and informative environment for discussing whole body vibration. Please share your experiences, questions, ideas, and links to WBV articles. Feel free to start a new topic if you don't see your question or issue already started. Feel free to ask each other questions about their experiences and perspectives, and feel free to comment.  

In order to post comments on this forum you will need to register first - please click on the Register button above to do this.

Please do not post links to other professional or commercial health websites as this is a non-commercial, ad free zone. 

This website is meant to be a family friendly support and information group.  Please keep that in mind with your posts. Any posts that don’t support that intent will be removed. 

Respectful of Private Information

We respect your privacy. Please be cautious when posting any personal contact details to our forums and be advised that we will remove these details upon request of the poster. Remember that millions of people are reading this site each year. For privacy and safety, any posts containing your contact information, personal financial information, including credit card numbers, or other financial information will be removed. This includes both the poster’s information and the information of others. 


BC Vibrant Health would like to remind visitors and community members that the views and opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily those of Becky Chambers or Vibrant Health and are not meant to be medical advice. Please consult your personal healthcare provider regarding medical information that is shared on this site.


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