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Becky Chambers
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Kids of all ages love WBV - just watch the laughter and smiles unfold as they step on a vibrating plate! 

Many kids as young as 3 or 4 will burst into grins with a little vibration. But younger than this it is best to at least start by holding them in your arms while you stand on the plate. This way they will get a much smaller dose of vibration and will feel safe.

Always go with your gut feelings and instincts with your children - you know them best! If they are fearful and don't want to get on the plate, there is no need to push them. They will get to it when they are ready. Watching you and others enjoy it will help them get comfortable and curious....

The proper type of WBV (single motor, relatively gentle, vertical vibration - see WBV machine forum posts, my books, and my website pages for info about different machines) is safe for healthy children. It can help strengthen their muscles and bones, and stimulate their brains and nervous systems, just as it does for older people. 

There have been some studies on using WBV with children with disabilities. Improvements in movement, gait, and balance have been seen with children with cerebral palsy. There is also a lot of interest currently in using WBV with kids with autism where anecdotal evidence and theory indicates WBV may help. Stay tuned here for medical research studies results. I will also be writing a book at some point on WBV For Children where I will cover using WBV with children with disabilities.

But do supervise kids using WBV - don't let them do too much too soon. Like with adults, they should start slow with just a minute or two at a low frequency and build up to a maximum of 10-20 minutes  a day.

Please let us know your experiences using WBV with your kids! We can learn from each other! 


Posted : 29/03/2020 8:48 am