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[Sticky] Can WBV decrease joint pain and inflammation?

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Research has shown clear evidence that some types of pain, such as chronic lower back pain, decrease with WBV. Lower back pain is often due to chronic muscle and connective tissue pain, and the powerful effect of WBV relaxing and strengthening muscles is thought to help with this type of discomfort. Other WBV studies have shown improvements in muscle pain, fibromyalgia, and knee pain from osteoarthritis. But for some types of pain—for example, knee osteoarthritis—the results have not been clear. While some studies with older people conclude that WBV improves knee osteoarthritis pain, others conclude that it doesn’t.

According to a Vibrant Health WBV 2019 survey the results were unequivocal; 75% of those with joint, and other types of pain, but especially knee and back pain, reported a drop in pain levels of, on average, more than 50% within weeks.

What's your experience been? Questions? Your thoughts?

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