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[Sticky] Can WBV help you lose weight?

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A 2018 systematic review (Zago, 2018) of eighteen research articles, with a combined total of 321 human subjects, looked at using WBV with obese patients. The results showed increased metabolism and weight and fat loss, along with improvements in other issues known to be related to obesity, such as heart health, peripheral and central circulation, glucose regulation, and inflammation levels.

In Vibrant Health’s 2019 WBV survey, 50 percent of those who wanted to lose weight reported that they did indeed lose weight. This is a high success rate in an area where success rates are usually low. 

What do you think? Questions? What's your experience been like?

Zago M, Capodaglio P, Ferrario C, et al., “Whole-Body Vibration Training in
Obese Subjects: A Systematic Review,” PLoS One 13, no. 9 (September 2018):
e0202866, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0202866.

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