Personalized WBV Coaching and Natural Health Counseling

The success of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) depends on how knowledgeably it is used. Whole Body Vibration powerfully affects virtually every system in the body, and just as with any other new exercise or health system it is helpful to consult with an expert. Targeted nutritional therapies, supplements, and homeopathics can also be critical to success with vibration.

Purchasing guidance packages with Becky provides all the knowledge you need for success with WBV, including:

  • Sessions will cover the details of how you, with your particular goals and health concerns, will achieve the greatest success with vibration. We will cover the specifics of your vibration plan, including how and when to use your machine, and integrating WBV into the rest of your health and healing plan.
  • Nutrition, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic energy medicine specific for you.
  • Trouble-shooting of difficulties as they arise. Too much vibration too soon can lead to over stressing your body.  Go slowly so your body and mind can adjust to the stress of change. If you are not achieving the success you were hoping for contact Becky.
  • Packages of 5 sessions are available. These sessions can be phone sessions, or in person at my office in Lexington, MA. Initial Evaluation is 60-90 minutes as needed, follow-up sessions are 30-60 minutes, as needed.

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Guidance & Coaching Products

Whole Body Vibration Machines

Vibrant Health Gentle 500

Vibrant Health Gentle 500

Retail Price: $499

Coronavirus Times Sale Price:  $399

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Vibrant Health Power 1000

Home-Pro 2

Retail Price: $999

Coronavirus Times Sale Price:  $799

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Six Whole Body Vibration plates of varying sizes

Prices range: $1,999 - $4,495
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