Personalized WBV Coaching and Natural Health Counseling

The success of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) depends on how knowledgeably it is used. (See my blog series, Success with Whole Body Vibration) Just as you wouldn’t down a bottle of medicine to treat an ailment, you shouldn’t start arbitrary doses of vibration without expert advice on your particular condition and reaction to vibration.

Whole Body Vibration affects virtually every organ system in the body. There are hormonal and neurological effects, as well as a powerful detoxification effect. Since toxins have been linked to chronic health problems, ridding the body of toxins is good for one’s health. However, detoxing too much and too quickly can lead to a health issue becoming worse instead of improving. Targeted nutritional therapies, supplements, and homeopathics can also be critical to success with vibration.

Purchasing guidance packages with Becky provides all the knowledge you need for success with WBV, including:

  • Sessions will cover the details of how you, with your particular goals and health concerns, will achieve the greatest success with vibration. We will cover the specifics of your vibration plan, including how and when to use your machine, and integrating WBV into the rest of your health and healing plan.
  • This will include nutrition, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic energy medicine specific for you.
  • Trouble-shooting of difficulties as they arise. Vibration is a powerful detoxification system, both of toxic chemicals and negative energy, so problems can develop as your body and mind adjust to changes and deal with the stress of detoxification.
  • Packages of 5 sessions are available. These sessions can be phone sessions, or in person at my office in Lexington, MA. Initial Evaluation is 60-90 minutes as needed, follow-up sessions are 30-60 minutes, as needed.

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Guidance & Coaching Products

Easy Start Package
Single guidance/coaching sessions
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Electrodermal testing

Whole Body Vibration Machines

Vibrant Health Gentle 500

Vibrant Health Gentle 500

Price: $499
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Vibrant Health Power 1000

Home-Pro 2

Available second week of January, 2017
Price: $999
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Six Whole Body Vibration plates of varying sizes
Prices range: $1,999 – $4,495
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